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Rudder Bushing Kit for Cessna 170 Models:

Keep your aircraft in coordinated flight with proper functioning controls. Though the 170 is one of the beloved airframes that Cessna once produced, Cessna discontinued their rudder hinge bearings. But don’t sweat it, we have them available for you!


Difficult to find Buss Fuses:

When I was a young hellion playing demolition derby with the lawn tractor, my father’s patience was pushed to the limit and he nearly ‘blew a fuse’ when he let into me!  As with his frustration of me, often the process of procuring parts for these aging aircraft can be frustrating enough to drive even the best of us to ‘blow a fuse’.  Don’t be trapped without a replacement.  McFarlane Aviation Products now has all three series of 4AG, ABS, & AGS fuses. 


Beechcraft Main and Nose Gear Strut Seal Kits:

If the seal on the top hatch of a submarine fails, do you think the crew waits to fix it?  I doubt it!  Keep your aircraft struts working at the level of performance they were designed to operate with these new seal kits.


APS RV10 Brakes:

That is what these new APS brake discs will help your RV10 to do.  You could spend more for lesser quality or spend less for higher quality.  Sound too good to be true?  Well it is not.  RV series aircraft are popping up all over the globe, and these owners are looking for quality parts.


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